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3B FLUID POWER: a young, dynamic and well-organized company

Automating, accelerating and simplifying the processes have always been priorities: we constantly invest in new production technologies for our machine workshop, as well as quick clamping fixtures and special tools.

Our machining centers comprise machinery of identical brands and models: a precise and judicious strategic decision to avoid linking the product to any given machine and to overcome any technical difficulties.

The fully automated systems we have integrated allow us to handle increasingly larger job orders, with positive feedback in terms of quality and final yield.

However, we have never neglected staff training, since certain stages of our processes still require the care and manual skill that only a craftsman can provide.



Depending on the specifications indicated in the customers’ drawings and the particular characteristics of the target industry, we perform:

  • operations on machining centers and lathes
  • surface treatments and heat treatments (by way of example: painting, micro-phosphating with zinc or manganese salts for cast iron, anodizing or resin/loctite impregnation for aluminium)
  • pre-assembly of parts in plastic and/or other components (by way of example: expander plugs)

The workpieces are subjected to the delicate and highly important washing process at the end of the production cycle.

Our most recent investment is an industrial ultrasonic cleaner – with a filtration unit up to 5 microns and a protective agent application group. Fully automated, it will ensure high standards of cleanliness and further speed up work.


Precision shows in the details

To streamline the handling of materials and ensure a smooth pace of work, we decided to mark off the areas dedicated to each operation.

These areas include departments for tool presetting, assembly and storage.

Introduction of the CAD-CAM programming system in 2011 also allowed us to significantly reduce the time it takes for fixturing.



Punctuality: safeguarding our results

After quality control, during which dimensions, geometries and compliance with each fundamental requirement are checked, the components are packaged and shipped to the customers.

Thanks to our well-organized storage facility, we provide a professional, dedicated packaging service fine-tuned to suit the product specifications and customers’ requirements.

  • Competitive lead times
  • Prompt deliveries
  • Customized supply programs